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Ebb and Flow (12" x 12" Framed)

Ebb and Flow (12" x 12" Framed)


"Ebb and Flow" captures the mesmerizing dance of the ocean. Dive into a world of swirling blues, where sunlight shimmers on the surface and secrets lie hidden in the depths. This captivating collage is an ode to the ever-changing rhythm of water, inviting you to find peace and inspiration amidst its endless motion.


This collage comes in a white frame.


  • 12" x 112" Framed



  • Free standard domestic shipping.
  • Please allow 7-10 business days for your work to ship from my Washington, DC studio.



  • Room mock-up image is for visualization only, artwork not at scale.
  • Frame and matting may vary from image mock-up.
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