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Summer Reflections


I recently read an Artsy.com editorial that illustrates, through the careers of various artists, why our most creative years often come after the age of 60. This article is the essence of why I call my work an artistic journey. The growth of an artist is only possible through a dedication to life-long learning, exploration and reflection. Every creation comes alive out of the knowledge, the experiences, the inspirations gained from each passing day, month and year.

My work has evolved so much this year. This growth has led me to ponder where I want to go with my art and how I want to be known as an artist. So, I’ll be using these final weeks of summer to reflect on my artistic journey. My reflection isn't all about me though; it’s also about those who've embarked on this artistic journey with me. Their continued support, valued feedback, and uplifting spirits are vital parts of my creative process. They've helped me become the artist I am today and the artist I’ll be at 50, 60, 70 and beyond.

I’m quietly working away in my studio on ways to enrich their experience on this journey and most importantly on ways I can continue to express my gratitude.

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