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Elevate your holiday decorations with a double-sided ornament, created with exquisite fine papers.


This enchanting 3-inch disc ornament showcases the beauty of burgundy Thai Banana Paper, harmoniously complemented with a hand painted and stamped wax paper featuring an intricate gold pattern, along with a gold specialty paper.  A delicate dusting of golden glitter infuses the ornament with a magical allure.


Just like a snowflake, each ornament boasts its own unique charm, ensuring that no two are alike.


Presented in a white box and tucked within a green organza bag, this ornament makes a perfect gift for friends, family, teachers, hosts, and gift exchanges, bringing a touch of artistry to the holiday season.


  • Ornament(s) ordered may differ than ornament in picture.



  • Please allow up to 1 week for your beatiful new ornament to ship. Thank you!

Golden Cranberry

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