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Yellow Elder (11”x 14" Matted)

Yellow Elder (11”x 14" Matted)

PriceFrom $150.00

"Yellow Elder" is a ode to the cherished national flower of the Bahamas. Set against a serene blue backdrop, majestic like the Atlantic, the flower's vibrant yellow petals captivate the eye. The gentle interplay of green and yellow hues ignites feelings of rejuvenation and vitality, while a hand silkscreened paper, adorned with delicate turquoise and lime leaves, adds a whimsicle touch of nature's beauty. The half yellow circle at the top of the piece casts a warm embrace upon the composition and enhancing the overall mood of peaceful harmony. Placing this piece in any space will fill it with a calming and invigorating ambiance, evoking a sense of connection to paradise.


Artwork comes matted and is available framed or unframed.



8" x 10" Artwork

11" x 14" Artwork Matted



  • White



  • Free standard domestic shipping.
  • Please allow 1-2 weeks for your work to ship. Thank you.



  • Room mock-up image is for visualization only, artwork is not to scale.
  • Framing and matting may vary from image mock-up.
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