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Art In Bloom: My Award-Winning Cherry Blossom Collage

Cherry blossom collage

Last weekend marked a significant milestone in my artistic journey. My collage "Peak Bloom," which celebrates DC's iconic cherry blossoms, was awarded second place in the Mixed Media category at the Woman's Club of Chevy Chase's 48th Annual Art Show.

Artist with award-winning collage

"Peak Bloom" was born out of my love for spring and the ephemeral beauty of cherry blossoms. Each year, these blossoms transform the city, creating a fleeting moment of pure magic. I wanted to capture that essence in my work, to freeze a moment in time that feels so alive and vibrant. Creating this piece was both a challenge and a joy, as I aimed to convey the delicate, transient nature of the blossoms without losing their impact.

Cherry blossom collage

What made this award even more meaningful were the comments from Eric Westbrook, the esteemed judge of the show. Westbrook, a renowned painter, shared his thoughts on the difficulties of capturing the essence of spring. During the opening reception, he said:

"...there's just something about spring that is hard to capture. And I think this piece does it so successfully, in just a very simple kind of micro way, in that it zooms in and yet isn't overly defined."

Hearing these words from such a respected figure in the art community was incredibly humbling. It reinforced my belief that sometimes the most powerful art follows the simple principle "less is more." This approach seems to have resonated with Westbrook, and his acknowledgment means a great deal to me. Listen to Westbrook's full commentary on "Peak Bloom" below.

Winning this award is my first significant recognition in the art world, and it feels like a profound validation of my work. It’s a reminder that the artistic community sees value in my perspective and expression. This milestone has encouraged me to continue exploring and pushing the boundaries of my creativity. As I look ahead, I’m filled with a renewed sense of purpose and excitement for what’s to come.


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