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From Simple Logo to Soulful Collage: A Design Challenge

Have you ever received a seemingly straightforward project that turned out to be a thought-provoking challenge? That's exactly what happened to me recently.

A client approached me with a unique request: a birthday gift for her husband, a collage featuring the logo of his ministry, Thirty Mighty Men Ministries.

The logo itself is a minimalist design – a red circle with three white crosses. While the simplicity was appealing, it presented a challenge – how to artistically represent the logo while maintaining its core message?

Usually, my creative process is fluid. I tend to dive right in, letting the project unfold organically. But this time, I needed to take a pause. The key, I knew, was selecting the right materials. Red handmade paper, my signature medium, was a given, but what else could I incorporate to add depth and meaning?

Inspiration struck, and I decided to build the collage's foundation with 30 pieces of red paper, a subtle nod to the ministry's name and its biblical reference. To further enhance the piece, I incorporated collaged words that reflected the ministry's mission and core values. Finally, the three crosses were crafted from a shimmering pearl paper, contrasting beautifully with the intricate background. They were also slightly raised, symbolizing the spiritual upliftment provided by the ministry.

So, what do you think? Did I capture the essence of the assignment? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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