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Give Artfully: 10 Creative Gifts for Everyone

The holiday season is upon us, and there's no better time to embrace the art of thoughtful gift-giving. Whether you're shopping for a seasoned artist or someone who simply appreciates the beauty of creativity, this holiday shopping guide will inspire your choices. From experiential to practical to unique, let's embark on a journey of artful giving!


1. Museum Membership

Giving a museum gift membership is a meaningful way to fuel a creative soul. It also makes your holiday shopping dollars go farther. First, it's a gift that can be enjoyed all year round. Second, memberships come with a host of benefits and perks. Third, dual and family memberships are available, making for a great shared experience. Fourth, a portion of the cost may be tax deductible. And fifth, your gift supports the cultural enrichment of your community. Talk about bang for your buck!

2. Immersive Art Experience

For a truly unforgettable gift, consider tickets to an immersive art experience. These exhibitions transcend traditional viewing and immerse your loved ones in a world of creativity. It's not just a visit; it's a journey through the heart of art itself, a multi-sensory adventure that leaves lasting memories.

Here's an article from USA Today that shares the 10 best immersive art experiences.

3. MasterClass Memberships

Allow your friends and family to learn from the best by gifting them a MasterClass membership. From renowned artists to creative minds, they can tap into a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. With dual and family memberships, you to can join in on the learning experience.

4. Gift Certificate to an Art Class

Whether your giftee is a budding artist or a complete beginner, art classes are an excellent way to unlock their creative potential. This thoughtful gift provides them with the opportunity to explore their artistic side, as well as the opportunity for an experience you can enjoy together. Classes are available not only through art schools and art stores, but also through local and national (e.g. the Paper Source) specialty shops, and museums offering a diverse range of creative experiences.


5. Notebooks/Sketchbooks

Practical and artistic, notebooks and sketchbooks, such as those from my collection, are the perfect canvas for your loved ones to capture their ideas, thoughts, and sketches. Not only will they cherish your thoughtful gift, but they'll have a place to bring their creativity to life, all while carrying a piece of your art wherever they go.

6. Gift Certificate to an Art Store

Give the gift of choice with a gift certificate to an art supply store. Your loved ones can handpick the materials they need for their next masterpiece, ensuring their artistic journey is as personalized as it is rewarding.

7. Wood Easel

A high-quality wood easel is a gift that any artist will truly appreciate. It provides the perfect support for painting and can turn any space into a personal studio. But here's the twist: a wooden easel is also a great gift for non-artists to proudly display a piece from their art collection, transforming their living space into a personal gallery.


8. Wearable Art

Consider wearable art for a truly unique gift. My own collection of scarves and zipper pouches, adorned with my artwork, is an example of how you can integrate art into daily life. Wearable art not only makes a fashion statement but also allows the gitfee to carry a piece of the art world wherever they go.

9. Art and Writing Dice:

For those seeking inspiration in a fun and unexpected way, art and writing dice are a fantastic gift. Roll the dice, and let chance dictate your creative journey, sparking ideas you might never have dreamed of.

10. Buddha Board

The Buddha Board provides a meditative experience in art, letting your creations disappear as water evaporates, offering a sense of impermanence and creative release.

This holiday season, let your gifts speak the language of art and creativity. Whether you opt for an experiential adventure, a practical tool, or something truly unique, your thoughtful choices will feed the creative spirit of your loved ones.

Happy gifting!


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